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Elite Business Strategies, LLC (EBS) is a minority women-owned and operated professional services consulting firm established in 2011. Certified as an 8(a) and M/WBE firm, EBS delivers a unified team of professionals with decades of hands-on government experience on the local, state, regional, and federal levels. EBS brings a decade of real-world experience, which includes but is not limited to, emergency planning, disaster recovery, and hazard mitigation. In fact, members of our team have been actively involved in a leadership or staff capacity in more than 80 Presidential Declared Disasters. Our senior leadership alone has been responsible for some of the largest emergency management operations in the US, including assembling and managing the 500+ person team that completed New York State’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy, and building a 1800+ person team that completed Puerto Rico’s STEP Program post, Hurricane Maria.

Our Goal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics on Monday regarding the first month of vaccine distribution. Of the people whose race was known that received at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, 11.5 percent were Latino, while only 5.4 percent were Black, even though the Black population represents 47.8 million and 14.6 percent of the population, respectively. The low vaccination rate among Black Americans is largely due to deep-rooted fears and suspicions of government and the medical establishment.

To solve this crisis, our team comprised of Minority-owned, Women-owned, and Black Veteran-owned firms joined together to create a targeted approach through inclusive messaging and the establishment of Equitable Vaccine Distribution Centers.

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