Create an equitable strategy for community engagement in all aspects of messaging for vaccine distribution.

  • Community integration and engagement are key to ensuring diversity is included in developing appropriate and effective targeted messaging.
  • Ensure communication and engagement strategies that are inclusive of local businesses, churches, and communitybased organizations.

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Ensure all communications are produced using a lens of equity that is focused on marginalized communities.

  • Marginalized communities will be prioritized in communications to address historical exclusionary practices that have led to decreased participation in COVID-19 inoculations.
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Educate and communicate the importance of vaccinations through the utilization of trusted people and groups.

  • Ensure that communities of color are engaged, included, and educated about COVID-19 and made aware of its true impacts to the communities. Targeted outreach to underrepresented communities of color will involve relationship building through collaboration with intra-community networks and other successful forms of outreach for communities of color that may have high levels of distrust for government officials.
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